Passion for music and the piano.


Seni Igrec, DMA, NCTM, is a pianist, accompanist, and organist who teaches music at her independent piano studio in Mamaroneck, New York (Westchester county). A consummate musician and caring educator, Dr. Igrec sees music as a vehicle for expressing emotions that can't be put in words, and piano as a medium that enriches lives and helps young people improve coordination, cognitive skills, and ability to multitask. Studying piano also improves social behavior, discipline, self-control, and self-esteem. But most importantly, music and the piano add a dimension to our lives that can't be substituted by anything else. 

As collaborative musician, Seni has an extensive chamber music repertoire. She is the author of TheoryBuilder, music theory workbooks that facilitate teaching music theory and history. She is a reviewer of music editions and adjudicates piano festivals and competitions.


Teaching excellence

25 years of piano teaching experience

Attentive collaborative musician

Leader, manager, organizer


Piano Lessons

Developing love of music and the piano.

Chamber Music

Instrumental and vocal accompaniment, ensembles,
musical theater.


Music theory taught with ease.


Judging piano events, festivals, and competitions.