A student should arrive on time. I can't extend the lesson if the student is late. You need to bring all currently assigned books, written homework, and a three-ring binder to every lesson.

I reserve the right to discontinue lessons in the following cases:

  • The student is not prepared
  • The student is disruptive or rude
  • Excessive absences
  • Failure to pay tuition and fees

A conference with a parent will be held prior to discontinuing.

As a student you should be well prepared for lessons. You should practice a minimum of five days a week, more if possible.  Piano beginners should practice between 15 and 30 minutes, and more advanced piano students should practice 45 minutes or more daily.

Music books and materials as well as piano event fees, if any, are not included in the tuition. If I purchase books and materials for the student I will give the invoice to parents for reimbursement. Besides music and music books a student will be asked to buy a metronome or use a metronome app on the smart phone.

I help prepare students for auditions, recitals, and other piano events. I will recommend performing opportunities to students depending on their level, progress, practice record, attendance, and overall attitude.

Make-ups will be scheduled only in case of illness or schedule conflicts if you notify me at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson. If I am not able to teach I will reschedule a lesson. If a student fails to attend a lesson without prior notification, he/she will not qualify for a make-up lesson.

I highly recommend that parents attend their child’s individual piano lessons so that you know what he/she should work on. Please plan to attend at least two lessons each semester.

Please make sure that your piano is tuned at least once a year and that the action is in good order. Remember, a piano that sounds and plays badly discourages practicing. Please provide a solid, comfortable bench to sit on. A padded, adjustable-height bench is highly recommended. I recommend placing the piano in a room with no distractions from family members or TV.